Lighting Tips

An exceptional lighting plan is one designed around the lifestyle and needs of your family.  This begins with an understanding of how to layer lighting throughout your home. An appropriately proportioned amount of these three types of lighting will complement your lifestyle while enhancing the overall look and feel of your home.

General lighting of an area is known as ambient lighting. This is the lighting that provides an adequate amount of illumination to see and move about an area safely. Ambient lighting can be accomplished with the use of recessed downlighting, chandeliers, ceiling or wall mounted fixtures, and outdoor lanterns.  This is the key component of a lighting plan.

Another essential type of lighting is task lighting which provides directed illumination in order to complete specific tasks.  These tasks may include food preparation, reading, grooming, working on crafts, etc.  A key aspect of task lighting is providing a sufficient amount of brightness to prevent eye strain.  Great ways to incorporate task lighting in your home include under cabinet lighting, pendants, track lighting, as well as table & floor lamps.

The third type of lighting is accent lighting.  This type emphasizes certain key visual points in a room.  It is used to draw focus on particular objects such as plants, paintings, trophies, or other collectibles.  Accent lighting traditionally provides at least three times more light for a focal point than ambient lighting would provide.  Examples may include picture lights, track lighting, and recessed downlighting.

Feel free to contact us to further discuss how we can supply you with the necessary products to achieve a well-balanced layering effect of lighting in your home.